L&D Air Freshener The Emoticons

The Emoticons is the air freshener manufactured  from  selected natural fragrances .It refreshes the environment removing unpleasant smells. MADE IN “SPAIN”.

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L&D Air Freshener The Emoticons

Car Air Freshener – Made in Spain

  • Air Freshener Card
  • Keep car smelling fresh
  • Long-lasting scents


L&D offers a great selection of different designed brands and high quality products. All our fragrances are inspired by fruits, flowers and the nature. The long lasting and natural aroma combined with the superior quality makes our products perfect for every climate. L&D Air Freshener are available : Elite Class, Little Box Vent Blister, Fresh Fruit, Perfume Exhibitor, Organic Can, The Emoticons, DON PILO, Rounded Double Blister, Pump Spray, and Air Nature.

Brand: L&D            Product: L&D Air Freshener The Emoticons