Soft99 9H Dual Layer Glass Coat 100ml

H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat is an extra-hydrophobic glass-layer coating agent, which make use of state-fo-the-art Japanese technology, combining two different types of hard glass layers to provide 9H hardness. The beautiful deep gloss lasts for an amazingly long time, all while preventing adhesion of contaminants with its excellent water repellency. Made in “JAPAN”. Soft99 9H Dual Layer Glass Coat 100ml.

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How to use this product

* Before application, be sure to wash, de-iron, polish, and degrease the paintwork.

* Do not apply all at once. Work panel-by-panel.

* Be sure to cool the car body if hot.

  1. Set the inner flow-limiter into the neck of Base Coat .
  2. Put a moderate amount of liquid onto the white surface of the sponge and apply to the body in a criss-cross pattern to prevent gaps and unevenness.
  3. Wipe off with attached towel before coated surface gets dry.
    * In cold or otherwise slow-drying environments, immediately repeat Steps 2 & 3 one time.
  4. Shake the Top Coat thoroughly, then set the flow-limiter.
  5. 20-30 minutes after wiping off the Base Coat, put the Top Coat liquid onto the white surface of a new sponge.
    * Apply panel-by-panel in the same order as Base Coat.
    * Be sure to shake the Top Coat thoroughly, ensure there is not sediment present.
  6. When the Top Coat has dried, wipe off with a fresh towel
    * Reference times for drying: 1 minute in summer, 2-5 minutes in winter.
  7. After coating, leave to cure in a dry place for 12 hours.

Brand: Soft99    Product: Soft99 9H Dual Layer Glass Coat