MS227 – Car Tissue Holder

Extra-wide and weighted base is sturdy and weighted for increased stability, help prevent it from toppling over, and ensure it stays firmly in place when you tear off a sheet of paper towel.

A perfect gadget to replace a countertop holder, saving space in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc. which is durable, rustproof, and waterproof.

We know that the use of paper towel holders is an indispensable paper towel in life. There are many places in the house that can’t be separated from paper towels, especially kitchen space. If you put paper towels on the table, it is easy to get wet and dirty, so use A paper towel holder is necessary.

  • Can be used as a tissue/mask holder.
  • Can be placed on car dashboard & armrest.
  • The elegant design does not block drivers’ vision.


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