Soft99 Surface Smoother 300g

Clay bar removes unwanted residue such as iron powder, pitch, tar, bird droppings or dead bugs which cause low gloss and dull on the car. It is more effective to use before polishing, waxing or coating.

Name of product Soft99 Surface Smoother
Content 300g


How to use this product

  1. Wash the car to remove sand or dust.
  2. Rub lightly on the car surface, wetting the area being cleaned.
  3. If surface of the clay cleaner gets dirty, refold it and continue to use a clean surface as needed.

Note:  Always let the clay bar do the work never add pressure on the surface.
Always lubricate with water or shampoo water when using clay bar on surface.

Brand: Soft99        Product: Soft99 SURFACE SMOOTHER 300g