Soft99 Glaco Roll on

Treating your glass is made easy with the built-in felt applicator. Apply this product, and rain will bead up and roll down the glass, cleanly taking with it any other water along the way. Just by driving at 45 km/h or more for all the water will fly off the glass! Significantly reduces the stress and danger of driving in the rain, especially at night. MADE IN “JAPAN”

Name of product Glaco Roll On
Type Black & Dark
Content 75ml


How to use this product

Note: Apply only to clean, dry glass.

  1. Remove the cap, press the felt applicator onto the glass and gently squeeze the bottle to let out some liquid.
  2. Use the felt applicator to rub the liquid firmly into the glass. Be sure to get complete coverage.
  3. After drying for 5–10 minutes, wipe off the residue with a damp, wrung-out towel.

Brand: Soft99