GETF1 GF1 Tire Wipe Sponge

Getf1 Tire Wipe Sponge is long lasting used. Also its is Washable and Reusable. This Tire Wipe Sponge uses Less Tyre Shine. Its is no oily hands or rags. The functionality of the tire wipe sponge is easy to cleaning the wire. Color : Black. Brand : GETF1.

Made in Malaysia.

The GF One Chemicals Sdn Bhd (GF1) are the manufacturers and exporters of Auto Care products under the brand name of “Getf1”.

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GETF1 GF1 Tire Wipe Sponge
  • Spray/apply tyre shine on clean tyre surface.
  • spread tyre shine evenly over tyre sidewall using a sweeping motion

Brand: Getf1            Product: GETF1 GF1 Tire Wipe Sponge


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