GETF1 Tyre Shine Gloss (Shine & Gloss) 250ml

Getf1 Tyre (Shine Gloss) Shine & Gloss is a concentrated formula that lasts longer and requires fewer applications. Now you can have rich, dark, high gloss tyres that stay black longer with a wet look shine. It Protects & Shine, Shine up to 60 tyres, Sponge provided, Wet look Shine, last for Weeks, Extra High Gloss.

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GETF1 Tyre Shine Gloss (Shine & Gloss) 250ml
  • Wash & clean tyres before application.
  • Pour a small amount onto sponge and spread evenly across tyres.
  • For even higher shine. Apply a second coat after waiting 10 minutes


Made in Malaysia.

Brand: Getf1            Product: GETF1 Tyre Shine Gloss (Shine & Gloss) 250ml


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