L&D Air Natur Little Bottle Air Freshener

Air Natur hanging Little Bottle Air Freshener available in various elegant fragrances. MADE IN “SPAIN“.

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L&D Air Natur Little Bottle Air Freshener
  • Water Based And No Alcohol Content
  • Long Lasting Fragrances. Made From Essential Oils Only.
  • No Artificial Fragrances Used. Bottle Contains 6 Ml Of Perfume.
  • Should Be Ideally Hung On The Rear View Mirror. The Bottle Has Been Patented Specially For L&D.
  • A Hole In The Wooden Cap Allows The Cord By Which You Hang The Little Bottle To Get Gradually Damp With The Perfume; Keeping The Fragrance Constantly Spreading In The Car.


L&D offers a great selection of different designed brands and high quality products. All our fragrances are inspired by fruits, flowers and the nature. The long lasting and natural aroma combined with the superior quality makes our products perfect for every climate. L&D Air Freshener are available : Elite Class, Little Box Vent Blister, Fresh Fruit, Perfume Exhibitor, Organic Can, The Emoticons, DON PILO, Rounded Double Blister, Pump Spray, and Air Nature.

Brand: L&D            Product: L&D Air Natur Little Bottle Air Freshener